Doubting my boyfriend?


Hello, uhm..
So, there’s this guy I’ve been going out with for a while. The way we started was him asking me out after 2 days straight of talking about his other crush, then him suddenly liking me 2 days after he was done crying and almost thinking of dying because she didn’t love him.
I had loved him for about 3-4 good years, and he had asked me out this year. The third/fourth. He had always been close to me and all, so it worked for a while.

RECENTLY, he has been an on-off kind of guy. This isn’t like him. He had always stood close to me, talked to me before anyone else, and showed off that he was dating me. Nowadays, he steps for other people, rarely talks to me, and dodges the topic of him dating me. He goes between those two stages repeatedly, and I’m getting a tad bit frustrated each time.

He doesn’t talk to me often anymore, so I can never ask him if anything’s happening. He looks okay, but I know he’s not, but I can’t say what’s up. What do I do about him being so different all of a sudden..?

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Have you tried being straight-forward about this to him? Maybe talking about the situation? Sometimes its better to directly ask whats on your mind instead of shooting in the dark and continue to try and support the relationship when he may not feel the same way about it as you do. Find out if he is as serious about the relationship as you are, and if so, tell him how you feel as if he's avoiding the relationship and you that you don't feel as connected as you both once were. Relationships tend to fall apart when only one person is motivated to keep things flowing well between the two, and the other slacks in giving effort. If he doesn't feel the same about you than you do to him, in all honesty it may not be worth the effort.