Dont know where to turn


I am trying real hard to do the right thing in life in general and just passed my 5 year clean mark from heroin, and i slowed down drinking and got my place and have alot to be happy about, but still I know there is something missing. I am very lonely and no matter how much I try or are passive about it, I get the same results. I lost most of my friends which is what usually happens as u mature and get older but I feel completely alone, and am yearning for a women, but all the girls I meet don’t like me and I know that its normal for that to happen but at the age I am at, I am really starting to question what is or might be wrong with me. I just wanna talk to someone who will listen to me and be interested in me for me but I am seemingly so invisible that I am scared I’m gonna compromise and lose everything I’ve gained behind these feelings of loneliness and worthlessness. I really would love to know that I am worth being close too, cause the evidence points to the contrary….

Tags: asked September 5, 2015

1 Answer

Firstly, congratulations on staying clean that shows that you're strong and a fighter. Some people have it more easier on meeting individuals than others but all in all you can and will meet someone. Learn how to be more sociable. Ask a girl about herself it will show that you're really interested in getting to know her. Make tons of female associates and you will find one that will one to pursue something more with you. Good luck and if you ever want to talk feel free to message me.