Dominating Mom


How to deal with a dominating mother? In my problem, everything she said is a must-do, no room for any comment, she hates comment and sarcastic comeback. I was taught not to say anything in reply and just do as she want since I could remember. Starting for education until my relationship with my bf (I don’t like this guy, but my mom insist that I should date him). I hate my life, so how should I deal with her?

Category: asked January 19, 2015

3 Answers

listen to her but dump the guy....
How old are you? I'm gonna guess not of age, well I suggest you hold on till you become of age its gonna be hard but it better than having no mom. As for your bf it takes two to make a relationship work I won't suggest you break up with him that way your mom would be mad I'm just saying you don't have to break up with him but you can cause him to break up with you :) just saying.... I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck
tell her about it, there is a good chance she wont change, but at least she will know how you feel.