Does Time Heal?


do you believe that time heals everything? or that your true feelings for someone will go away after a certain amount of years? how does one get over this?

what if after a certain amount of years, these feelings for someone have not gone away? what do you do about them?

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4 Answers

however difficult it is to imagine forgetting right now, everyone moves on. this person is a tiny planet and life is a universe. i believe the easiest way to get over someone is to cut yourself off from them and to realise that you have your whole life ahead of you, and that everyone goes through these feelings. you might think back on this person and feel sad sometimes, but the people in your life now will not be the only people in your life. it might not be today, or tomorrow, but eventually you will find someone else who will help you forget and move on.
This is a bit obvious but why do you care about remembering or forgetting someone you want to forget? If you remember the person then that's obviously bad and when you think about "How can I forget this person" you're thinking about the person again. In general all you have to do is empty up your brain. By this I mean the time which happens every now and then that we just look at one specific thing around us and practically block out everything. (If someone tells you something during that time there's a high chance that you won't know what the person said.) You simply have to practice that and once you realize that the person came to your mind again either think about the bad reasons of why you are not together (If it was a break up over cheating or something like that is a good example.) and don't think about the happy stuff, or if there's another reason to it, then as soon as you realize you're thinking about anything that reminds you of the person or the person directly, simply do this for maybe 10 seconds which will block out your thoughts. Then once you do it, your mind will be empty. DON'T "check" if you're not thinking about the person. It's like you wash your head clean. So now you have to leave it like that and just carry on with something that you like doing and then you'll get other thoughts. You'll eventually master this and have less and less problems in case you remember the person.
I don't believe that time 'heals'. I think that you just learn to cope with the feelings. You're always going to feel sad, mad, pained, etc, at times, but that's normal. The feels are always going to be there. And the time that it takes depends on each person.
i do believe that time heals. there is nothing you can do that makes feelings go away. you have to just keep going with your life. and the more you sit around and wait for your feelings to go away, the more you are dwelling. if you try to get your mind off of it, it will slowly go away. but usually feelings for a person never fully go away, in my experience.