Does she want sex?


She’s my friend,my workmate,my neighbour;we see each other everyday and we go along great.I’ve been flirting with her from time to time and she responds well,smile,giggles…you know the routine…she never flirt back thou’ or at least I haven;t notice it…there was one time in the beginning she told me”if you need anything…any help around the house…you know…just call me…don;t be shy”…something like that,don;t think it’s a flirt…but hey! it’s something.Now,she has a boyfriend and it’s serious I mean she’s gonna marry the guy but they’re not together now(I mean he lives in another country…work related…idk).From my point of view she wants me…I mean she ask me over her house for no good reason…like “come for a coffee later on”,to watch a movie and so on…she brought me food a couple of times…
Now,just to make myself clear I don;t want to steal her from her boyfriend…I donl;t even have a crush on her,I don;t want to make her love me……but she;s cute and she makes me feel that she want;s more,when we were watching a movie a couple of nights back she was cold and I offered to hold her in my arms,we were sitting next to each other on the sofa,she said “no…it’s alright” I said ” are you sure?” she said “…it might look strange…” and I said ” it won;t…hey! if you change your mind i;m here!” and I brush her hair.The atmosphere didn’t got tense or anything we kept watching the movie talked about the movie and stuff like that I changed the subject ‘couse i didn’t wanted her to feel uncomfortable…but she started to shiver…man! she was shivering like she was on the damn north pole! I mean I was feeling it thru’ the sofa.I only saw a girl shivering like that when I had my hand deep down in her panties…if you know what I mean…
When she refused me she had a big smile on her face and was cuddling with her blanket(hope you can make an image)…so I don;t think i scared her.after the movie she become even more…idk opened,now she asked me to go to the gym with her said she doesn;t like to go alone.Honestly I like her…she’s a good person and a good friend and I don;t wan’t to hurt her in any way,don;t want to scare her…but I feel like she want to have “an affair” and from my part…HELL YEAH! she’s hot! it’s just maybe it’s all in my head idk…as I said i don’t want to make her fall in love with me,or to make her think i’m a freak or a pervert …jeezzz! thing is she makes me feel like the only thing she says “no” it’s because she’s afraid she’ll come out looking like a slut…that;s the way I see it…I hope you guys can make an idea of what’s going on and maybe see the truth in it.
I don’t want to slip this chance either,I mean if she really want’s it I don’t want to give it up…
Thank you guys,in advance,for your help;and for your time :)

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To be honest with you, I think it's mostly coming from your own perspective. I have a lot of friends that act exactly that way, and, they just happen to be very open, friendly, and affectionate people. I myself included. It's very easy to come to the conclusion if you think about every little detail that happens. i.e. the way she smiles, laughs, and even shivers in the cold. If you're a person that looks for genuine love , then you might need to talk to her instead of trying to piece together those small details to fit an ideology that may not even be true. You won't go very far if your drive is sexual conquest, and every "no" is paired with "she still wants the D." If she really wanted to, she would have made it clear on her own anyways.
You sound a bit like a pig.
its not just about she want sex dude! i think she really likes you.
Well I said,it's just the way she acts...I mean I have a lot of feminine friends and none of them behave like she does,not even those who are single...why would a girl act like that if she just want to be my friend?with every little chance she has she tries to spend time with me...I mean why would she do that?...she has lots of friends...her family it's not like I was the only one she has.she acts like she wants to impress me,and I am the only one around who she behaves like that...I mean at work she ignore almost every single guy...she barely speak with some of them,sometimes at work she makes me feel like we were together ffs...waiting for me al the time to have a little talk,smiles when she sees me,asks me to help her even when she doesn;t really need help...and Idk if i;m a pig...i definitely don;t think I am...I'm more of the classic type of man...I've never cheated on any of my girlfriends...:)) which is funny in some abstract way...offf idk why this kinda shit happened to me...I wish she would of just act like everybody else you know...or maybe that's just the way she is...but yet still why is it only with me? :/:/:/...I give up...i'm way over my head in this thing if i don;t get it right i might hurt her so the hell with it...:(Well thank you guys soo much for your answers,I really appreciate it :)
Just because she is friendly doesn't mean she might be wanting sex or whatever. People can be friendly just to be friendly. As you said, she's already in a committed relationship. You shouldn't think too much into this. If you're still in doubt, maybe ask her, but honestly, I think you're just thinking too much into something that probably doesn't even exist.
that's obvious men
i think she was bored waiting for her boyfriend and i think sshe want to play with you lol