Does my male friend like me or not?


I have a male friend who I’ve been friends with for years. In the last 5 months or so we’ve been spending a lot more time together though, we always hang out at my house and watch movies and he stays over. We even spent most of NYE together (alone for a lot of it). Some times when he stays over we cuddle, spoon, hold hands – and sometimes he will stroke my hair and my arms etc. There was 1 or 2 occasions where he put his hands up my shirt and down my pants while we were cuddling in bed, and then he stopped randomly… Some times when he stays over now he doesn’t even touch me at all, no cuddling or anything – and then other times he does. He always wants to hang out with me. Going to the movies, hanging out. He told me has anxiety and I think he is a bit insecure but I have given him sooo many opportunities to make a move and he hasn’t! Please help – what is going on in his mind??

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Hello Miss Morgan, you did the right thing in reaching out.

Touching, holding, cuddling, caressing, constantly craving your attention and he even had his hand in second-base range. He suffers from anxiety, and you say he hasn't made his move? He's been making his move since the first time he touched you.

It doesn't seem like you did very much to reciprocate his affections if he just stopped touching you altogether. He appears to have lost heart. Go to him and comfort him, he obviously is not comfortable initiating deeper intimations, he may have too powerful a fear of rejection. It may even be an irrational fear of rejection holding him back. Take away the doubt for him and show him that you very much enjoy his affections. To provide a metaphor; don't just be an open gate and expect him to walk through, step out onto your porch and invite him in for coffee.

Please keep in contact and let us know how things progress.
ok first off, yes he does like you. but one thing about guys is that sometimes they are unsure. unsure of the other persons feelings, unsure of what he is doing is right. so i think that right now he is just trying to figure out what your relationship is so don't try to obviously give him opportunities! maybe he doesn't want to. just go with the flow and be yourself and take it day by day for sure
He does like you. He may be unsure about how you feel towards him. He maybe scared to get attached to you, i have anxiety and that is what i worry about. Keep doing your thing and let him know it's okay. You make a move girl, guys don't have to make the first move. hold his hand first, burry your head on his positive and understanding. Let me know how it all goes! Best of luck.
Id ask him straight up, and be honest with him and tell you that he is confusing you. if you like him, tell him. honesty works best, otherwise nothing will ever get done! c: