Does he not like me??


I’m a teenager and I have recently saw an old friend of mine from elementary. IN elementary I use to have a crush on him but that faded when said he only thought Of me as a friend. Which makes perfect sense to me because I was annoying and called him almost everyday. Anyways, I met him at a basketball game and he came up to me and said hi and almost gave me a hug but I backed off cus’ I was nervous. Then, he said hi to my best friend and gave her a hug. my friend gave me his snapchat the next day. I ended up working up the nerve and added him and he added me back. But recently, I snapchatted him and after 6 hrs later he still hasn’t even opened it. I don’t know if he just doesn’t even like me, or he remembers everything since 3rd grade or if I’m over thinking but, all I know is I want to connect with him and be in a relationship with him or get just get to know him. Please help :(

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3 Answers

Hey personally I think you might be over-thinking it but I agree with Autumn that you two have both changed since the last time you knew each other so just take things slow and try to reconnect with him and maybe even work up the courage to message him on facebook or something and say something like, hey it was really nice seeing you the other day how have you been? and if things go from there then thats great but if not well then it's ok time to find someone else. Just try not to be too clingy and overexcited haha good luck with it all!
Well considering you guys only knew each other in 3rd grade, both of you are most likely two completely different people now than back then. I would definitely take it slow and just get to know him first. Don't think about it as your new crush, just think of it has a new friend, you know?
Just give him some time, he'll come around, have you considered that maybe he's busy or maybe he doesn't check his Snapchat that often? it could be a number of things, if I were you, I'd just hold on until the next day or later on tonight. He shouldn't ignore you, I mean he did add you on Snapchat and give you a hug and all.