Does he likes me? what should I do?


Last year, I have a classmate. He sits across me. He is very nice.
One day, my bag’s zipper is broken unexpectedly. He helped me by offering me to use his bag instead, and he will fix it by tommorow . So he did. and when that happened, my heart fluttered. I know I am lame :b . He is my first crush

He always tease girls. By always, I mean, EVERYDAY. Okay, he tease like almost every girl in my class. And since that ‘my bag’s zipper is broken’ incident, he became to tease me. But the way he teases me and the other girls is different.
He teases the other girls while hitting them. Meanwhile… I didn’t get hit by him. Not even once.

Last year, I remember… I would always caught him staring at me. Sometimes, I will look away because it’s awkward, and sometimes i have the courage to smile. I was thinking, does that means he likes me or something?

So.. I tell this to my bff. And she turns out actually had liked him for 3 years. I was mad because she did not even tell me who is her crush for this 3 years. But later, i am fine. I understand her. She said to me that sometimes, she would caught him staring at her too.

So, i kept thinking… What does that means? Is he addicted with staring people without them knowing?

One month later, I decided to give up on my crush.
This year, we are classmates AGAIN!! And what do you know? he always sit behind / in front / beside me. I mean.. why would he sit near me ALL THE TIME???? He is so freakin’ confusing.

Turns out, this year… There is this girl named Shannon.
Shannon is a smart, tall, and kinda pretty girl. She always sit near ‘him’.
Since she came… ‘he’ started to tease me rarely. Sometimes, ‘he’ would hit me with a book.. with absolutely NO REASON!! And ‘he’ turns out to tease her everyday. ‘he’ only tease me maybe once in a week. I feel like jealousy all over my body. And that could only means that I like him again. I admit that last year, i am quite jealous, but this year, I am full with Jealousy.

And the good news is the bff of mine doesn’t like him anymore.
So, I tell her about Shannon since my bff and i are in different class now.
And she asked me “Do you like him again?” I answered “no.. of course not”
I lied to my BFF because i decided to keep this secret to myself.

Days has passed. Today, he throwed a water ball at me. So I pretended to be mad at him. But he just sheepishly smiled at me.
Half of my heart said “WHAT THE FREAKIN FUDGE?!?!”
While the other is like “OMG!! THAT MEANS HE LIKES YOU!”

Oh yeah, he always chats and talks to his friend while sitting on my chair when our teacher hasn’t come. He is totally weird, right?

I sometimes think that he would be playing with girls’ heart or something. But there is one side of me that said : “No, he is will not play with girls’ heart. He is a nice guy.” Urgh! so freakin’ confused?!

Sometimes.. He looked like he likes Shannon.. and Shannon likes him back…
Yep.. Jealousy is taking over my mind and body. So, sometimes.. I would ran to the bathroom and cry.

Well… he did ever played truth or dare with my friends. He chose dare. My friend asked him to ask me to be his girlfriend. But he kept silent. Because he is sitting behind me, I can hear him of course! Before he could accept the dare, I decided to join the Truth or dare game. It’s his turn. He chose truth. So I asked him “Who do you like?”
He didn’t answer me though. And then he said ” A girl in this class ” and then I said “Oh, come on! We have to be serious about this, Please?” and he kept silent. So I ask this “Is it Shannon?” He smiled sheepishly at me. So I said “Then, Shannon it is.” The next one is my turn. I chose Truth. He asked me ” who do you like. And what is his name?” I wanted to say his name, but instead, I say his name in my head. I said “Jeremy” ( He is a boy from another class.) I lied to him and my friends. He kept silent for like 5 minutes or so? and when the game was over, he smirked at me playfully and said “Now I can call you a new nickname which is Jeremy, right?” I just rolled my eyes and said “Like I can’t call you Shannon?” I smirked back. But, inside I am hurting all alone.

I feel like I am a disturber on his soon-to-be relationship with Shannon. I feel useless. I am so confused.

p.s :
By hit i mean, he hits girls playfully. Not like abusive. We are in the 7th grade. He is not a shy guy. He is shy only when he is talking about crushes. I am sorry if this detail some kind confused you

What should I do? and What does he means? (sorry for long detail)

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1 Answer

Sounds like, at least sort of, dude likes you, and you like dude. Now, if Shannon also likes dude, she's been your bff, you and she owe it to each other to talk it out and one of you back off. It's 7th grade, so it isn't like this is a permanent situation, so the one who backs off can try later, after the other is done with dude. Just remember, with any guy, make your boundaries and stick to them. If any guy starts to make you feel uncomfortable, time to move on to the next one.