Does he like me or just being nice??


So,I have had a crush on this guy for maybe 6 months now and I have no idea if he likes me back,we talk over texts all the time but we’re both shy so in person we just chit-chat.We’re in the same class so there’s no way I’m just gonna ask him if he likes me.He’s a really nice guy so I can’t really tell if he’s being nice or does he like like me.
Please help!!!

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4 Answers

If you've had a crush on this guy for ages i think you should just stand up to him and ask him. If not, try and work around it. Throw some questions at him like "Oh do you like anyone?". It usually works. If worst comes to worse, involve a friend who you trust to ask him if he's into you! :) Trust me, it'll put your mind at ease quick smart.
You're never going to know unless one of you is more direct about it. We can't judge whether he likes you or not when all we know is you both get along. Maybe just wait and see where it goes, as that may be the only other option.
Why spend all this time concerned about him if there's no where for it to go? Live with no regrets. Maybe, try to hang out with him outside of the class. That will give you a better understanding on where you two stand. It doesn't need to be a date; just open yourself up to any opportunity that comes up. :D
Go for it!!!! I think he's totally into you. There's a difference between being nice and being overly-nice! If he didn't like you, he wouldn't make such an effort to talk to you, being shy and all. That's my take on it, anyways. Good luck :D