Does he like me? How do I get over him?


So I liked this guy since the start of classes. He was cute, and he looks kind. Problem is, he was like, a half-foot shorter than me. We weren’t really close, heck, we don’t even talk that much before since I was this quiet girl at the back, but I liked him. He had this irresistible something I can’t point out.
Unfortunately (or Fortunately since I liked him), we moved seats the next semester and I was seated right behind him. It made me ‘squeeee’ for a while, but after a few days, we became friends, but with our other 2 girl friends beside us, and I was more comfortable around him. I also knew some random facts about him, and our common interests. My other friends who were seated on the other side of the room said that we were really really noisy, especially when we laugh, in class.

But then! He likes someone, who is actually a childhood best friend who I don’t get to talk to anymore. We weren’t enemies, we weren’t friends either. They both like E A C H O T H E R. So I kind of not have a chance.

But something gave me a feeling that he likes me too. When we were working on a project, he asked me to draw some stickman falling from the roof on his drawing on paper, since he couldn’t get it right. I did so, but he kept his face too near to mine that some parts of the hair sticking out of his forehead touched my forehead for me to breathe properly, but the drawing came out nice.

When we we’re laughing and I was sort of ignoring him, since I was facing my two girl friends, he did his best to get my attention to him. And he did so by throwing some paper with a d!ck drawn in on, because we were all dirty minded.

When the semester of being friends and seatmates with him and my other two girl friends was done, I was moved to the other side of the room, since the teachers were getting mad and stuff, and him and the two girls stayed there in their seats.

My other friends then noticed that he got quieter when I moved seats. The two girls were still noisy and still starts a convo, but now he doesn’t join their conversation that much anymore. He was a lot more serious in his studies.

The questions are…
1. Does he really like me? I couldn’t prove it myself since we had a common interest which was a YouTuber who gave advice about love and stuff who said that ‘high-fiving’ is a sign of friendship, and he gives me the occasional (daily!) high-five.

2. He likes someone who likes him back. I have NO chance. How do I get over him?

Thanks in advance.

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1 Answer

In a way, I think you've already answered your own question: you still hope that he may like you back but you know that he already likes someone else. I understand where you're coming from; when you like someone, you can't help but over-analyze his actions and expressions. Unfortunately, it's too easy for us to let our emotions get in the way.Getting over someone is usually extremely difficult, and especially in this case, I think it's something you'll have to work on over time. Definitely try to keep the friendship, but keep in mind that he likes another girl and may have just been very friendly.