Does anyone know any good websites for meeting new people?


I’m 16 and I wanted to go on a website where you can meet new friends and people. I know there are a lot of websites like, but I tried that one and all anyone wanted on there was dirty pictures and things I’m not interested in. So I was wondering if there was anyone who knew any nice websites to meet new people who are my age and are there for the same reasons I am and not because they’re horny.

Tags: asked December 4, 2013

4 Answers

The best suggestion I can make is find sites that revolve around your interest- example, if you like to write find a writing site (I used to use Mibba and Figment). Those sites have forums for general discussion and specific topics as well, and you can comment on anyone's posts or make blog posts and build connections that way. Speaking of blog posts, try Tumblr?
0 My best friend uses it and she actually made a good amount of new friends.
If you have a smartphone get GMR (get me rated). You can post and rate on pictures of people. I met my long distance and current GF on there and I have friends who I talk to all over the world. It's pretty fun L:
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