Does anyone have advice about dealing with habits?


I have a lot of bad habits that I’ve been trying to get rid of for about a year and a half now, with very little success. Some of them, like wasting time online feed into my depression by keeping me from doing things that help me elevate my mood. Currently the two main culprits are wasting time online, and sloppy planning which leads more things to go wrong which leads to frustration which leads to guilt etc.

To be clear, I’m not going on an anti-tech rant (which would be hard since I’m a professional programmer). I waste time online instead of exercising, writing or even doing other things online which I’d enjoy more.
I’ve read a metric buttload of stuff about “hacking the habit loop” and tried all sorts of “life hacks” but, as I’ve mentioned, not very successfully.

Do any of you have experience breaking a bad habit? What was the habit? What worked? About how long did it take?

Tags: asked July 24, 2014

2 Answers

Hmm you could ask your friends to help, push you and motivate you just go out for lunch or dinner, attend any events happening around your area. you should plan like a few days before and just set on what you wanna do.I used to be addicted to the internet when i was younger and I actually started gaining weight and becoming very anti-social, it was so bad that I'd hold myself from going to the bathroom stay online and browse or whatever. i ended up telling my friends and to be honest they have helped me out a lot. I still use it but not to the point where I'd rather stay home than go out. And I always set plans and goals and make a little changes here and there, like changing my eating habits, going to the gym, dancing and swimming. It does help my mood.I hope this helped :)
For a start it wont just change straight away it will be gradual. It takes time, patience and belief in yourself! If you really want to change this habit then got to work at it. Try finding another hobby maybe a social one, playing an instrument or going to a youth club. Even if its once or twice a week it is still breaking up that habit. Set yourself a target on how much time you can spend online, then say oh you need to do something else then maybe go back too it. Its just a case of slowly breaking it up. But not completely stopping it. Talk to your friends and family about it, tell them how its making you feel and im sure they will put more of an effort in to help you, to keep you busy with something else :) Hope this helps a bit, feel free to message me if need someone to talk too