Does anybody else hate their job really badly?


I do. The past two years (I’ve been there for four) have been especially horrible, and I’ve tried so hard to get out, with no success. Some days have been so bad that I actually called the suicide hotline. Does anybody else feel this way about their job?

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Oh, do I. I started my first job ever nearly three years ago, and let me just say, it’s the worst experience a first-timer should have to deal with. The head manager is lousy, which means everything is run poorly. She is the dictator and ringleader of her drama circle. She loves drama, feeds off of it. Twists people’s words around and lies. The list goes on for what is wrong with my workplace, and after three years, I could probably write a book. So I understand, completely, where you’re coming from. That place has made me want to kill myself more times than I can remember, and I don’t have much of a choice to leave because no one else would pay as much as they do and at the moment I can’t afford anything less. Again, I really do get it. My best advice is to just keep on trying. Try as hard as you can to get out of there until you’re actually able to. In the meantime, remember to find support. Don’t be afraid to ever reach out to someone if you need to vent or are in a really low place. Even on here, we are always here for you. My inbox is open if you ever need, too.
Hello, fellow job hater here. I personally have a very negative work environment that is shared by all of my peers and I have found it seeping into myself as well. I let it be that way for about a year until I started to do something about it. My boss told me that the only things that I can control is my effort and attitude. I started paying attention to the things that I was thinking/saying throughout the day and whenever I came across something negative I would write it down. Then at the end of the day I would go through all of my notes and match each one with something that I was grateful for. It hasn't really fixed anything about the environment but for the meantime shifting my thoughts to a more positive perspective has made life a little easier. Best of luck to you!