Do you think you can listen?


I have made account after been here for like an year, though all I use to do was to go to vent/listen section, I use to listen many, and I use to try to help as far as I can but I have very bad experiences as a venter. It’s like if I say hello I am a guy, there were a lot of scenarios when the person disconnected and if proceeds well then many found my venting uninteresting lol. Some people even when they say they don’t, they do judge people. It’s like needle in a haystack to find a decent person to talk to. I had found a couple of people who were good but all those times I got disconnected somehow. I am a teenager so my venting can be uninteresting, and maybe few can find it like not worth listening but truth is everyone has problems you can think that others issue is nothing in your comparison but the truth is that the person experiencing it only really understands. I am not saying I m a great person, I m not proud of a lot of things I have done and tried but I have never done discrimination or never been racist or gender discrimination and I never hangs up on a person in between conversation and I never use harsh words (abusive language) to someone…

Tags: asked March 8, 2015

2 Answers

Oh my god, I feel the exact way you feel about finding the needle in the haystack. I always went by finding a tiny diamond in a enormous amount of trash. Most of the attempts you end up just picking up trash, but you try to make the best of it. I thought people were disconnecting manually, when they actually just had connection problems. I wish Blah would say if the person disconnected manually or if there was an error. I can really only listen if I'm really intent on helping others here. I realize that because the chat-room is open to everybody, you're usually likely to encounter more trolls than meaningful human beings. You just get desensitized if you do too much listening sometimes, so I stopped listening in the chat room. Now I "listen" more on the Q&A and on the forums more.
I'll keep it simple, You can PM me and i will listen. I'm in my late teens, and i can relate to a lot of topics most of them through personal experience. So if you have trouble finding good people, i will try to be that good person to the best of my ability.