Do you think therapists / counselors judge you in their minds?


Do you think counselors and therapists judge you about your problems? like i am lesbian, and like this is a sterotype for lesbian people, which is like having pixie haircuts or short hair, do you think the teachers and other peers think that i am lesbian, because of what i look like or do you think the therapists and teachers mostly have an open mind?

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Counselors, therapists, and teachers are as varied as any other group of people. Some may negatively judge you, but they are in the wrong to judge you so. I'm queer and I try to assume that everyone has an open mind, unless them knowing could endanger my safety. It is their job to help you and guide you, and you deserve fair treatment just like everyone else. If you feel they are mistreating you based on your sexuality, report them. They have no excuse. And, honestly, if people do give into the stereotype and assume you are a lesbian, who cares? There's nothing wrong with being gay.
Counselors and therapists are human, and everyone in this world are judgemental at times. It doesn't mean anything though, it's just how our nature are. Don't worry bout it. They won't think about you any less because of your problems. We all have them and it's just cool with people who are able to talk open about them, so creds to u.
Open mind doesn't mean you don't judge. You always judge. Saying the contrary is being naive. So it's normal and natural to judge others. You compare other people to yourself all the time, because everyone's different. It's part of basic social contacts. If you have a pixie haircut and short hair, some people might think you're lesbian just based on that, but they'll know it doesn't mean anything nevertheless. If they act differently or surprised that you are homosexual and don't have the "looks" or "appearance" of one as they would see it, then point it out to them: "Looks and appearance do not mean anything. Don't be a bigot."
I think they do, however, they are trained not to judge us while they're counseling us so they will not show us that they are making judgment about us.
I reckon yes in a black & white answer but i also think that it is a very very mild form of judgement as with the amount of people they must talk to even the craziest problems might become slightly normal