Do you think I am dull?


Yes or no answer, do you think I am dull?

I never talk to anyone unless they talk to me first, My favorite color is gray because to me it symbolises equallity, I draw pictures that symbolize how I feel and let’s me say the words that I dread to come out of my mouth.. I constantly comntemplate silly things like “Why is that brick darker than the other?”, I usually meditate for hours at a time, I have to force myself to laugh, smile, sleep, eat, exc. I love to learn, help people, and write poetry and stories. I rarely feel happiness..I always feel sadness. I often forget what happiness is. I spend so much time studying people that I never talk anymore. I always know what to expect and it’s usually right. I am always tired, always depressed, always screaming inside my head for someone to help..

My sister abused me when I was young.. Because of thst I forgot what happiness felt like. I became dull.. Sadness and anger were all that I knew. At the age of six I wanted to die so I sat on my bed in 40°F weather and shivered all night long because I thought that it would kill me. People don’t know me because I am so unapprochable..

What do you think.. Am I dull? Yes or no..

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2 Answers

No. I don't think you are a dull person.Even though you feel unapproachable, you have a bunch of different things that you like to do and things that you think about which makes you different from everyone else, and what makes you unique.If you can afford to, I would recommend that you go see your doctor and tell her/him about your sadness, depression, etc... and maybe they can give you a medicine to help you or figure out if there is any major medical issues that can be taken care of so you can feel better. Either that or you can go see a counselor, or talk to someone on here! It's up to you.I was having issues with anxiety and emotional like stuff and going to the doctor and talking to a counselor helped me.And if you need to talk to someone, feel free to send me a message on here. I don't mind listening. :)
In an extroverted society, it's easy for an introvert to fall into the trap of thinking he is dull. I personally hate small talk because I think it actually creates a barrier between people. I am rarely bored alone whereas I'm often bored in groups and crowds.
You're a unique person, as Samantha said and you're very talented. Studying people all the time makes you wise, which makes you very good at helping people out, you have strong logic and can see things they might have missed. All the things you said you love, learning, poetry, helping people, these things bring you happiness as well as make you an interesting person.
I'm sorry that you suffer from some problems but being dull isn't one of them. As Samantha said, talk to someone. You will find a lot of people on this website who are willing to listen to you, including me.