Do you need someone to talk to?


I have been on here for some time now, and alot of the question repeats itself. Many of them are a cry for someone who would listen to them. It could be subjects from highschool problems, to abusive problems.
So here is my question:
Is there anyone, who would be willing to talk to someone about pretty much anything, are there people who wants to be a “sponser”. What I mean about that is someone who is there when you need to talk to someone about something in your life. It could be anything, but just someone who would like to help people in need.

I am making this post to minimize the similar posts, and because if people just needs someone, they can check it here. So if you want to help, please say so in the comments, and describe what subject you can offer comfort and knowledge in. Maybe you can help in any subject, then please write that. I just need people who are willing to help.

If you are that someone who wants to help, I salute you and I thank you.

asked October 21, 2013

4 Answers

Woud love to!
ill help I just made a profile so im not 100% sure how to chat but I would love to learn and help
I would love to help and listen to anyone. In any subject.
I would love to help and be a part of this.