Do you love dating to someone?


I’m kinda bored of it,I hate dating someone nearby. I said to myself that I don’t need anyone to be happy and it become true. I am gay,and i am bored of those sexual freak douches in my city.

Sounds weird but i feel happy when i am alone and nobody’s here for me. Maybe i am a bit scared to get hurt,anyways I don’t know it.
I feel better when i am alone. And I become asexual maybe.

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2 Answers

Well, there's a thing called being aromantic, where you don't feel romantic attraction. I mean, there's asexual too, but it's possible to be both, or one or the other. Not wanting to date could just be you not wanting or needing to be close to anyone like that at the moment, or not at all, and that's okay.
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