Do you know what these ‘symptoms’ could mean?


Here’s my list, I apologize because it is quite long.. I’m not an anxious person, btw.

Migraines (that I’ve had since a child)
-Constant and worsening

Speech difficulties
-mild stutter
-my family says I have a “hot potato” in my mouth when I speak

Poor memory
-can’t remember if an event was a dream or real
-can’t remember familiar words/names/dates/time
-forgetting what I’m saying/thinking mid sentence
-forgetting what to do next during tasks (ex.: laundry)

Poor attention/concentration
-getting distracted (by thoughts or other) very easily during conversations/reading and writing
-losing track of what I’m doing

Physical difficulties
-poor coordination/reflex
-poor balance
-joint pain

-occasional ringing in ears
-sensitive to loud noises
-only hear part of what someone is saying (which would tie more to lack of concentration)

Sorry again for such a long list, I just put everything I was experiencing in hope it might all make sense..

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3 Answers

I don't believe that anyone on this sight is qualified to make a determination of your health status based on this list and not meeting you. It would be in your best interest to seek medical attention as soon as possible.
You seem pretty mentally healthy to me, I also have most of that and I'm sure most of the people have, humans have defects and the list of symptoms seems a list of yours and nearly of the whole entire race. What I do need to say is that migranes and hearing problems need to be seen by a doctor and they could be not related to each other. Also a speech therapist could be useful for your speech difficulties if it bothers you a lot, they are super useful and you learn a lot about how your voice works. One thing you do need to work on is to stop hearing yourself too much, what I mean with that you need to stop paying too much attention to your body or to your thoughts and to if they are working properly or that they always should because your body, if it's like mine, will believe something is going on and induce you a psychosomatic illness which is absolutely not good and that can give you joint pain, headaches, the poor balance, the fatigue and many other stuff, even the memory loss and the speech problem. The best thing is to believe that yes, your body can do strange things sometimes, but that's completely normal and that honestly it isn't important. Get checked by a doctor just in case :)
A lot of that is common to a lot of things. I deal with depression and about half your description is present with that. The other half. . Speech slurs, forgetfulness, concentration seem to peak when anxiety is high.