Do you ever get over being hated by your parents?


Does it ever get better? I have literally no chance at reconciliation with both of my parents – We had extreme differences (mostly because they are strictly practicing muslims and I turned out to be an atheist) that played out violently.
I got out. But I still don’t know how to deal with the /guilt/, despite being through a lot of counseling.
I thought it would get better. It’s just getting worth,

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I truly believe the answer is no. It looks like you have accepted that they most likely won't change their mind or be able to be in your life anymore. I lost both my parents and I ask myself that too. I lose sleep thinking about it. That's only normal though. One of the hardest things to lose is your guidance or the one person who is supposed to be there. I'm not going to say the pain/guilt/abandonment/shame/doubt and every other bad thing will get better but other things will! Your parents didn't accept you over something absurd and you need to remind yourself it doesn't mean no one else will! One day you'll probably learn from that and be an amazing parent! I know I've got that to go on for anyway. No I don't know you but you're not the only adult orphan out there and I hope you can focus on the other parts of life cuz there's so much more!
I know I'm probably just an immature 16 year old but I just kind of grew to being hostile and aggressive towards them. It's worked and not worked at the same time for me. They reject most of the stuff I am. They're christians, I'm atheist, they anti-gay, I'm bi, etc. They still expect obedience from me but I kind of don't see the point if they're going to just treat me like a dog anyways. So...there is always the rebellious way of things. Best luck with your life though!