Do you ever feel like people expect to much from you?


i come from a big family a few siblings, step siblings and parents you know a good sized family unit, and sometimes i often found that my family in times of need would often come to me for advice and answers to questions that at the time i either understood or had any experience in or to confine in me and hide secrets to as well. or to just help out as an when needed a good example is when my older sister was at the end of her pregnancy she would have me come with her to practically everything and when i asked why she didn’t have her own boyfriend go with her she answered, and I’m not joking “I think you could handle me going into labour a lot better then everyone else” i was 15 at the time.
and out of curiosity i was wondering if anyone had ever had something like this happen to them and if so why do you think it happens?

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2 Answers

I get what you are saying. I'm the youngest son of 7, and I have been put in the default position of being the one relied upon by my family. Basically, there is something in your personality, maybe a desire to see people happy, or even to help others, that others see. You'll see some of these traits in great teachers and nurses. They, and you, are wired to help. Maybe you consider these as future career choices. Sure, you could take it as a compliment, and I'm sure that's how your family means it, but you need to be able to set boundaries of what you will and won't do, and stick to them. Your family won't like it, but you will be useless to anybody if you burn yourself out. Also, you need to have someone that you can lean on too. Everybody needs it once in a while.
First of all; it is okay to say sometimes when you're just not okay with something. But also I understand that is just not in some people's nature -if you like to help then great!However, I do know what you mean -it's crazy! Especially since you are 15! Take it as a compliment though, you must be really mature and a great person for people to put so much trust in you.Just remember to be young too though, live your own life and don't be afraid to say no, you shouldn't have too much responsibility as in the end it could make you miserable.