“Do what feels right for you” Is this always a good response?


I notice sometimes when someone is giving an advise but they don’t have much to give maybe due to lack of experience a person may have. Is it good to always say, “Do what feels right for you”

When should you really resort to using that as an advise?

asked August 4, 2014

6 Answers

I actually find "do what feels right to you" really frustrating, especially when most of the time, the person needing to vent or asking for advice doesn't KNOW what feels right. Not only that, but for a lot of people, what "feels right" isn't actually the right thing or best thing to do. People are diverse and the way people perceive their situations are different, and I feel like if you were just to proceed in the way that you think works best for you, you could definitely end up hurting someone else (that's not to say that everyone should be 100% selfless, and it's definitely not OK if people expect you to give up your needs or wants in favour of theirs), or making a bigger mess.
Personally, it feels like a cop-out. Instead of offering "do what feels right to you" as advice, try asking the venter what they think their options are. The role of the listener isn't necessarily to solve people's problems. If you're at a loss, don't just tell them to do what feels right (chances are if they're here, what feels right isn't clear), work with them to figure out what to do next.
You should resort to that answer only when the question pertains to one person. Doing what feels right to you can often produce very selfish results.
As a person being one of those that use roughly the same line to an extent, I believe that more than often it is a good and genuine advise to be given, and which is fitting to many different situations.

Listeners aren't really meant to decide what actions the person should take, or decide what is right or wrong for the person in question. People are different, and ultimately only that person know for sure what they want, how they feel. You can have a great deal of experiences and offer tons of advise, but ultimately it's up to the person to decide how to proceed.

Everybody has a right to freedom, freedom over their speech, their thoughts, their own body and their life. And though you may be filled with nothing but good intention, it's never right to force your opinions or will upon someone. Because in the end, they are the ones who have to deal with it, to live trough it. The human race have shown to be able to overcome some amazing things, stronger than most people would ever even dream to think of the things one can over come. But without the individuals own will, their desire to do something, you can't succeed.

We are all here to help out, wether it's a shoulder to cry on, an ear to lend for someone needing to vent their frustrations and fears, to talk to without judgement and sometimes we can offer some advise and guidance on what options there is or paths they can take to start the process of overcoming it, but in the end, the final decision is up to them. So yes, do what feels right to you is something that should more often than not be the one thing they listen to, the one thing that even if that's the only thing you can offer, it's still valid. It's really a line we should all live by. Learn to trust our own instincts. Do what we feel is right, not what everyone else tells us to. While it's great to have support of others, you also need to be able to stand on your own to feet and support yourself.
"Do what feels right for you" is a great response. Yes, it isn't giving the best advice, but it is telling them to go with what their gut instinct or what their heart is telling them.
Thanks guys for the responses