Do I still have feelings for him?


Hi there’s a guy that I met when I started university, and we had a ‘thing’ he told me he did want anything from the start but he’d continuosly tell me how he’d wanna marry a girl like me and he’d sing me songs and once said he loved me. Every time I looked into his eyes I would feel a connection and every time we kissed it was absolutely amazing, even the hugs. He made me feel a way I hadn’t felt in a really long time and there was so much passion it was crazy. But then again and again he’d tell me that he doesn’t want a relationship and would tell me that we need to stop spending so much time together which would hurt because I loved spending time with him, it was pretty much like a break up. We weren’t dating and we weren’t seeing each other, I don’t really know what to call it and I know he’d see other people during whatever we had which sucks. It felt like I was falling pretty hard for him and it was slightly one sided because he’d never call or text me first and it hurt. I told him I was tired of everything So I thought getting a boyfriend would fix everything. But I keep having dreams about him, in my dreams we’d sometimes be happy, and most of the times he’s ignoring me and I’m trying to get his attention

What does this mean? Should I try and fix everything even though he’s ignoring me and why do I keep having dreams about him, even if I have a boyfriend

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1 Answer

It does sound like you still have feelings for him. It's quite obvious you can't get him out of your head, which is understandable when you used to have such a strong connection. If he ignores you, then he isn't worth your attention. I think it's better if you try to move on and try to be happy with your boyfriend.