Lots of games are designed to keep you playing. Things like achievements, ranks and even match lengths can all make you feel like you want to play for just a little bit longer, they might make you feel like you’re addicted to the game or can’t stop. If you’re immersed in a game, it’s easy to spend hours playing without even realising.

Signs that playing games might be affecting your life

It stops you from doing other things you enjoy, like spending time with friends or family
You struggle to stop playing or thinking about games, even when you know you should
Games stop you doing things like your homework or sleeping
Playing games is the only way you can cope or feel better
Spending too much money on games
Even when you’re worried about playing games too much, you might not know what you can do.

Category: asked July 28, 2022

1 Answer

Never thinks that I play online games too much. Games is my favorite activity that is experiencing rather unexpected growth in the past several years. One of the most impressive features that capture my attention is definitely the way that the games are designed. The game’s graphics is considered one of the most appealing features that hold the power to attract the attention of any kind of player. mb that`s why we play too much?