Do I have generalized anxiety, social anxiety, panic disorder… or what?


So, this anxiety thing is kind of getting out of control. Throughout this summer, it has just gotten worse for me.
Lately, I keep having these irrational fears of losing things or doing something wrong. I get shortness of breath and my heart beat quickens severly. Such as making sure I still have my keys or if the door is locked. Even if I see that I have my keys, I have to physically touch them before I calm down.
I have a job because I like making my own money, but lately my anxiety has made it difficult. When there are too many customers (I’m a cashier), I can’t stop fidgeting and my heart beat quickens again. My eyes roam to try and look at anything but their face. Usually when I “panic” like this, I sing a song with the line “Yeah you are overthinking, yeah you are overthinking” and I sing/murmur it until I calm down. I recently had to do this at registration for school because I saw some familiar faces and was “panicking” of whether they saw me or not, or if I wanted them to see me, or if I should talk to them, or if they saw me and what they were thinking about if they saw me, or if those thoughts they may or may not be thinking about me are good or bad.

It hasn’t always been like this. I’m going into my senior year in high school now and I just want my body and mind to calm down for 5 minutes so I can relax. So what do you think? Should I go to the doctor for this or just try and cope?

(P.S. My anxiety somehow always seems to be at it’s worst when I’m not in school…)

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2 Answers

I think you've been coping admirably, but it's definitely time to try and find some external help. Reaching out on here is a great step, and definitely a brave one. It's clear though that you're finding it difficult to cope, despite expending enormous amounts of effort, and it certainly can't hurt to get the opinion and guidance of a professional.
Anxiety disorders should be taken very seriously, and the best thing for you is to see a doctor for diagnosis and maybe even a therapist to help with coping skills- though you already seem to have quite a few! That's something to be very proud of. I hope this helps you, doll.