Do I have an anxiety disorder ?


I have been wondering whats wrong with me lately,and I so happen to come upon this site.I think I might have some sort of anxiety disorder, but I am not sure.

I have been scared to go out with people, or even hang out.
Going to new places or doing new things ends with me feeling sick and anxious.
I lose sleep over worrying about things.
I will worry about something so much and about all the different outcomes of a situation that I will end up not doing it or going.
I have lost friends over me not wanting to go anywhere.
I have a large fear of getting sick, but not to the point I have to keep anything and everything clean.
I’m scared and intimidated by social interactions, even talking to a friend leaves my nervous and shaky.
Even going to a new restaurant will make me feel sick and scared that i won’t want to eat anything.

Please help, I just really need some opinions on my symptoms and where to take action about this

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3 Answers

Hello! First off, it's really good that you're searching for help - it's always there.Anyway. I suffer from this regularly, and yes it does sound like a social anxiety problem to me. Millions of people go through this all the time and none of the things you've said are uncommon, so please don't worry about that! The best thing to suggest is going to a doctor, and working with them to find a therapist suitable for you. I must say though, in order for therapy to work you have to be fully committed. Although this is not your fault, unfortunately it is yours to deal with, and you are the only one who can overcome it.Good luck! I hope this helped, and I hope you feel better soon!Katherine x
It certainly sounds like social anxiety to me! I know it can be scary, but what helped me was just smiling to people. Usually they would smile back, and reassure me. If you are around the same people a lot, like at school or work, and you haven't got the courage to talk to them usually, just remember they may be nervous too. I got the suggestion to just say something, anything, no matter how awful it is to do. Compliment someones shoes, ask about their weekend, anything! It will strike up a conversation, and if you allow yourself to relax a little it can really help for the future. Getting over such a thing can be very troubling, so don't be afraid to approach your doctor about it, you may get medication which can help.
Good luck!
Wow, you sound exactly like me! I spent almost my whole life living through what you just described and finally I reached my breaking point and decided to seek out therapy. I didn't want to continue living the way I was. Although I'm still in the beginning stages, seeking out professional help is finally giving me hope that things will get better. Your therapist can give you techniques to help conquer the negative thoughts you have about yourself that lead to the social anxiety. When I have trouble sleeping, there is an exercise you can do where you tighten your muscles and then slowly relax them, starting from toes to head, while taking deep breaths. To help calm the anxiety while it's happening, you can learn about acupressure points that you gently and rhythmically tap on your body that help relieve the tension. I know it sounds odd, but it's worth a try. What also helps is to come up with a mantra or quote that inspires you and write it on a mirror or sticky note around the house. Just take everything one day at a time. Anyway, I strongly suggest you try to see a therapist who can give you tips on how to challenge negative thoughts. I know it feels like things are too complicated to get better, but slowly and surely, it will get easier.