Do date a girl with a kid or not?


Im 20 years old and have not had relationships in terms of dating. A 21 year old girl i work with who seems like my type and who seems like someone I would date, but she has a 1 year old kid. Im not neutral about having kids but I dont know if now would be a good time to get into a relationship with someone who has a kid and or a good first relationship. And while I have not had a dating relationship I would not say I am totally naive when it comes to relationships though.

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4 Answers

Be honest with yourself. If you break up can you handle not being in that kids life? Is she looking for a BF for a baby sitter? Are you ok with time restrictions with her schedule? Will you be ok with her bringing baby with you on a date? There is no right or wrong choice, just a choice that's right for you. What do you want long term? Can you deal with her babies father? Again it's up to you if you can deal with her life, and it all comes down to what your expectations are. I say date first and then see where it don't have to marry her, but know she has a life that is going to require her attention being on someone else ( her child).
I mean, if the lady is your type and stuff, and the kid does NOT bother you, why not!
I totally agree with autum leaf. Its tour choice. Not rrogjt or wrongb just yours. Dealing with someone with children is tough and alot of responsibility if you decide to stick it out for the long run. And depending on how serious yyou aee it could be like preparation. But understand you dont get just her if you want this you are making time and room in your life for 2. Are you ready for that?
It's a decision you need to think about, this WILL change your life, the way you look at things. Everything will change. Now it's for you to decide whether that change is worth it.