Directions in post-college life?


Hello guys:),

I’m 22, about to graduate from a pretty good college but don’t quite know what to do with my life. Been suffering from depression for around 6 years and have lost a big chuck of my personality and social skills. I’m quite afraid to meet new people and have very few friends. I know this is not ideal for my situation in terms of getting a job and all that. But I’d like to confront this big monster and stop plunging. Any advice on how to re-build myself, jet-start a career and making more friends? Disclaimer: I’ve tried regiments (discipline, goal setting) before but they never last… any tips too?

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Maybe talk to a counselor? To help you figure out what you want, set goals, then mini goals to help you achieve your bigger goals and also just to talk things out. Maybe it will help you better understand yourself, what you want for your future and how to get there! Keep positive, stay focused, and don't forget to do for yourself too. Whether spending time with healthy and supportive friends or doing whatever it is you enjoy. To help keep your spirits up. I sincerely hope you figure things out, friend!