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My school told the kids not to say anything about my former teacher who was a rapist. I’m thinking of taking direct action if Human Resources doesn’t do anything to beef up the secuirty, and I would like some tips.

Category: Tags: asked November 11, 2014

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EDIT: Sorry, I read that wrong. I mean, if it's a former teacher then the problem has been dealt with and the immediate danger is gone. I don't know why your school would say not to talk about it but it is kind of weird. I'm not saying there's a conspiracy theory going on here, but yeah, it is weird. I think you should talk about it, not gossip, but actually talk about it, not to Human Resources or teachers, but just amoungst yourself and other students. Sexual assault and rape need awareness and also public/mass discouragement, for lack of a better word. Use this horrible situation to educate people.
No vigiliantism at all.