If I starved myself how many pounds will I lose? I need to lose alot of weight

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Why do you need to lose weight? Is it because you are worried about your health or your appearance? Okay I could give a big lecture about how you should be happy about your body but I'm guessing that's not what you want. Okay, first off I think you should focus on eating healthier not cutting down on what you eat. For example if you usually have 3 pieces of toast for breakfast have fruit instead. If you need to loose a lot of weight cut down on carbs as well as fat!!! Sugar is a demon! Avoid eating sugar as much as possible (it turns into fat!!) If you buy your lunch stop bringing money for it, and bring it instead. Don't try to starve yourself or skip meals it will only cause binge eating later. If you get more sleep you eat less (this has helped me heaps!) Exercising regularly is the best way to lose weight. If you are embarrassed about going running try find a place where there aren't many people and start slow and built up how much you run. Yeah there are a few tips that helped me, I hope they work! Good luck!
Please, do some research on this. From what I know, your body will, kind of, go into... panic mode, like you're actually starving, and use up the last calories you put into it. so, you're really not... well, saving calories. things just go downhill after your body uses up those... hair loss, for one. plus, any water that you drink will add water weight, and since you're not eating, there's no food to absorb it, so you'll gain water weight. I mean, you're not losing a significant amount of weight... at least not for a while.... I mean, yeah, if you do it long enough, you'll get results, but, feel like shit and run down and tired and it's just.. horrible. I can't even begin to express the long lasting affects it has on your body! just find out for yourself. I'm not really the person to look to for medical issues, but these are just some things I know. I mean my facts might not be 100%, but I think you get the general idea. you should really go to your doctor and say you're serious about losing weight, and you two can work out a workout/diet plan.
I have tried starving, and, trust me, it isn't worth it. You will get aches in your stomach, problems when starting to eat and you will put back all the weight that you have lost in no time. Exercise and restrict as much as possible, this is the best advice that you could get. It is okay to binge from time to time, but bear in mind that every binge will 'appear' on your body. Go to a gym, exercise, eat to nourish your body and love yourself as you are. :)
WOAH!! Honey, never feel like you need to starve yourself just because you want to lose a couple pounds. I guarantee you are beautiful the way you are. If it's other people telling you otherwise then screw them!! They are just jealous!! You do not need to starve yourself to lose weight!! If you are serious about this and you really want to lose some weight, all you need to do is make healthier eating choices. Like replace bread for salad as an appetizer or have some yogurt instead of cereal some mornings. Exercise helps too...go to the gym once or twice a week. It also helps if you have someone encouraging you or willing to lose the weight with you that way you can do this together. Talk to someone about it! Talk to your parents or your friends, that's all it takes. A little healthy eating and exercise goes a long way. You don't need to completely starve yourself to lose weight.Side Note: Starving yourself will not help at all because your body will go into something called hibernation mode to where because you aren't eating, it will store the fat that way you can survive. It's not healthy!!
You are thinking about doing something very dangerous. Starving yourself is a very bad way to lose weight. You need to be aware that even though, on the outside of your body, you appear to be losing the weight you want, on the inside of your body, there is a lot more going on.
One of the reasons people develop eating disorders is because they just want to lose weight. They want to be thin. That is their ultimate goal and that is why they take such drastic measures. People should be dieting with the goal of being healthy and fit, never to be thin. It sounds like you have the wrong goal in mind.

What a lot of people seem to forget is that your body needs calories. Your body needs fat. It needs those things to function. Too much of those things aren't good for you, though, and it's easy to get too much of them. That's why people focus so much on getting rid of them. But you need to eat a certain amount of calories a day, you just want to make sure you're getting them in the right foods. You don't want to starve yourself because you're going to be getting rid of a lot more than body fat.

Another thing about people who decide to starve themselves is many of them never needed to lose the weight in the first, so maybe rethink your whole idea that you need to drop some pounds. I highly recommend you see a doctor and let the doctor tell you whether or not you need to lose weight. Sometimes losing weight is dangerous. If your doctor says you don't need to lose weight, then you need to listen. Doctors are honest with those questions because it's their job to keep people healthy and they are trained to know when people do and do not need to lose weight.

If you starve yourself it is almost guaranteed you will develop an eating disorder. Your body will start panicking and do everything it can survive this change. Your body needs food and it's a terrible idea to deprive yourself of it. Food gives your body many of the nutrients it needs to function. If you have an eating disorder you will be addicted to starving yourself and your body will change and when you want to stop, it will take more than just willpower. Your body will be destroyed and you will have to work with doctors to restore it.

Please rethink this. You don't need to starve yourself. If you really want to lose weight, talk to a doctor. If you need to lose weight, the doctor will tell you and he'll tell you how to do it in a healthy way.