did I move on too quick?


I’m in just a bit of a conundrum here.

Last week I was dating a good friend of mine. The day After our second date, he started ignoring me completely, not answering my calls, ignoring my Facebook messages, but was still on Facebook ,posting photos.

After a bit, I was kinda expecting he’d break up with me, but I still complained a bit to my friends, because I hate being ignored. Well, he did leave me. Broke it off with me in a Facebook message, but said he still wanted to be friends.

We only dated a week

A couple days later, he blocked me on Facebook. To me, that says he wants nothing to do with me anymore.

I figured I needed to move on after that, and a few days later, I met another guy.

A friend of mine says I’m throwing my body at men, and I’m a slut for moving on so quick?

Is he right? Did I move on too fast?

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4 Answers

I know it seems quick, but the first guy you were only with for a week. That's not long at all, and I'm sure things weren't that serious. If you're ready to date and you're in a healthy place then moving on to continue what didn't work out the first time is fine I'm sure (if that makes sense)I think you should definitely take things slow, but your friends opinion sounds like she may be jealous or hasn't had a lot of experience with relationships. I just had a similar thing where we dated for two weeks and he broke my trust so I ended it and have been dating since. I find that a relationship that only lasts a short amount of time doesn't really have a huge emotional commitment on your end and would mean that if you are ready to invest yourself then it's not bad to find some one whom who can actually do that with if it didn't work the first time.Hope this helped or made sense !!!
A slut? No way. There was hardly even a relationship to move on from. You only dated the guy a week, and it seems he treated you like garbage. It's best you found somebody else and moved on. That guy was a jerk.
I don't even think a week counts as a relationship. Don't include it on your resume. If your "friend" keeps saying you're a slut, throw it back at her: "Maybe, honey, but I know where my next date is coming from." If she doesn't laugh, but instead is offended or put off...those are your clues she wasn't really a friend.
You're absolutely not a slut! Also, if you don't think it's too quick, than it's not. It's all about your readiness. And if you came out of the relationship unscathed, I say it's safe to be another as long as you think it is!