Did i lose him?


Well recently i posted about a guy named Cristian. Well i still like him alottt…. But i haven’t had the guts to talk to him abut wanting more because i feel some distance. Before he used to call me all the time, look for me, want me to spend the night, and we would go out together and have a good time.. Is it just bad timing that i have’nt really spent time with him (because he offered last week) and should i be patient? I really like him, and i want something with him, really d. Just feels like he lost interest. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?! I deff. dont want to chase after him. Ive called him he and here to see how his day goes because he works alottttt. ANd i text him, but i hardly get a reply. I like to think its because hes supper busy. But i just feel like he does’nt want anything with me. I mean after a prior prob. we had that im trying to fix, he started to call me his “friend”…. Im not a friend. And i want him to get that.

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Tell him how you feel about the situation; he probably doesn't realize that he may be hurting you or perhaps he feels like the relationship between you two is going nowhere and may be afraid of rejection, so he needs some affirmation that you two aren't "friends", but something more in the making.
You do find that some guys push women away before they get friendzoned because of past experiences and/or worry about how they will look if they chase after a woman who isn't interested.
You're asking if you've lost him, but truth is you can't lose something that you never had. I agree that chasing after him would be a less than reputable move, but there's no harm in sending him a text like, "Hey, I'm free on Wednesday and I was wondering if you wanted to hang out for the day. I haven't seen/spoke to you in ages! xx"
If he agrees and you see him, show him that you're interested in him when he's around you - play fighting, resting your head on his lap when you're tired, making him food, cuddling, and teasing are all good ways to show a guy that you're interested.
Hope I helped and I also hope it works out for you