Did I fuck up?


So I have a boyfriend named Kyle. But there’s another guy named Timmy. Timmy kept asking me if u was still dating Kyle, like, a lot. And I just kept answering, “maybe, maybeee…” And so on. He assumes the answer is no so when I tell him I really am still dating him he’s like no you’re not, at first and im still not sure if he believes me. So Timmy asked me to go to the movies and I said yeah, I’m not sure if it’s as friends not… I asked and he said “it’s hard to explain” and moved on. I really like Kyle though… Did I fuck up??? I really don’t wanna be cheating on Kyke, especially without knowing it.

Help??? Thanks
Here’s a little edit: Timmy does know im dating Kyle but here’s what he said:
I am sorry for the confusion and awkwardness and emotion. It is you choice for what you want to do and I completely understand. You choose how you want to do with this message how ever you please. I just wanted to let you know I like you as a friend or a girl friend because of how you dug a pit in my heart. Your a great friend too me even though I’m not as cute as other guys, yet agin nobody’s perfect. I want you to know I do care about you as a friend or anything else. Think about this picture….. *everything has beauty* Every thing has beauty, but not every one can see it. I think that’s like you, when I first meet you u were the quiet shy girl. But when I started talking to you I saw your inner beauty and I liked how your where happy a lot of the time in the inside. I also think it’s like me. I’m over weight and when people meet me they judge me by me size and I’m over weight and I’m a loser but the few people that actually made it through and got to know me (like you ) got to see my beauty. Just wanted you to know that. Bye. Goodnight

See that??? Now I fee terrible

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3 Answers

If you're with Kyle then you shouldn't say maybe when Timmy asks if you're still dating Kyle. Just be honest. Now you're giving Timmy the impression that you're free which isn't true.
Not really. You're still exploring who you like and such, but maybe you shouldn't tie yourself down to dating someone if you're ready to just be with that one person.
You haven't cheated. But what you have done is lead Timmy into thinking you're single when you're not. I've been in this situation before, and it's hard to tell the truth when you really like that person too.