did i already fuck up


(i recently just graduated)i saw this girl at the movie theaters yesterday and today i asked her on facebook if she went yesterday she replied fast but i dont know what to say so i stopped chating with her

asked June 8, 2014

4 Answers

Nothing happened, so there's nothing for you to have fucked up. Relax, you're too nervous.
Nope. Just tell her something urgent happened (don't do details) and you somehow forgot to reply. But you still need to reply, after all you asked first.
Be confident! You have to see her as an equal. Talk to her like you would like her to talk to you, don't over do it though, don't ask for her attention too much or she'll find you annoying.Topics to talk about at the start of the relationship: Hobbys, food, work, how her day has been things like that. Later on talk about things like where she wants to be in 20 years, wether she is seeing someone etc... When you 2 are good friends you can talk about deeper subjects like wether she's completely happy, what she needs to be happy, what happyness is, philosophize with her. You'll understand better how smart she is and wether she's the girl for you. She'll understand that you're an interesting person and not just some douche.Listen to what she has to say and comment from your perspective, also answer the question yourself so she gets to know you too!Don't talk to her about these things on facebook, see her and use these subjects (and others you can think of) to keep a conversation going use facebook as a functional medium to see her or get her number etc...Hope i helped!
i don't think you screwed up. :) Just message her back, maybe apologize for the late reply. Everything should be fine though.