Develop your manual skills by playing games


Aside from developing cognitive skills, video games are also proven to feature manual skills development. The ability of video games to develop a wide variety of skills is interesting for education or training providers, particularly when trying to teach difficult to engage groups of people.

Playing video games has also shown to develop problem solving, spatial and hand-eye coordination skills, as well as vision and speed skills. Adolescents that played role-playing and strategic-based games show increased problem solving skills. Children playing any type of video game show with increased creativity. Video games can teach timing skills, as the timing of a move is crucial in video games. Puzzle games can teach organisation skills, while resource management is another key skill in video games as many games provide a player with a limited amount of resources which need to be rationed to complete the game. Finally video games also teach players how to use the controls of their device.

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For me, online gaming is a great workout for brains. You always need to analyze and make decisions when playing games of chance. And the best thing is that you can access this entertainment straight from your phone. Another advantage is that you can play for free So do not miss a chance to test it.