Depression is destroying my personality


I’ve felt depressed for a while (nearly a year,) and I keep trying to distract myself with my hobbies and planning what I want for my future – I’ve always loved writing and I can always remember trying to make up stories throughout my childhood – but whenever I practice these hobbies it’s like my mind immediately goes blank and my imagination is silenced, which makes me feel even more hopeless and confused. Then I look around, and everything that reminds me of what I could be doing makes me want to cry. Is this part of depression, and if it is, is it possible that the more I try and focus, my depression will go away? Or will I only get back to normal after I’ve recovered?

Category: asked May 24, 2015

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Normal, there's that word again. Usually, not much of a fan of that word, except for in this case I suppose it has a positive meaning, or rather a hopeful one. Here's the thing, we change all the time, naturally as we grow older. Sometimes through bigger things, like a horrible tragedy, sometimes because we lose ourselves and our way for a bit and try to reassemble it.

Will it get better yes? But I'm sorry to tell you, that you can't go backwards, that's not the way life works. But what you can do is move forward. Perhaps you just need a little push to get started. About that writing, perhaps there's a club or something you could take part in, or even just search for forums online with other people like yourself with such aspirations ( even here on blah ) . Also, as a fellow writer, I am more than enough familiar with the 'writers block' or the complete lack of inspiration. But there are some really handy tips and tricks out there to help get the juices flowing. Music for one.

You need to try and remember as well love, that this, these feelings, or even lack thereof, they're not who you are. They're just temporary. I don't know the cause of them, but if you can figure it out for yourself, it'll make things a bit easier to get yourself out of there. And you're right, distractions are always good. They keep you from thinking too much about things you shouldn't. Speaking of writing, perhaps it would be a good thing to write your thoughts down, your fears, your hopes, your goals for the future. Anything and everything you're feeling, get them out on paper. It help to get a different perspective of things.

Another thing, it's okay to be selfish. To put yourself and your well-being first. Try not to worry to much about things you should do, or can't. But the one's you can do. At the end of the day, with the will to do so, you can accomplish anything.

If you ever feel like talking to some one, wether it's about writing, or anything at all, my inbox is always open love.
yes it is part of the depression, it happens...its normal, but you should realize that thinking about the problem that made you depressed or basically thinking about your past will just lead to more problems....just keep on occupying your life and do more interesting things with your life....soon youll forget about it....or even overcome it and wont even have a problem with it anymore...just stop trying to think about it...and if others try to remind you....dont get it into your head