depression? doctors?


If someone thought they had depression would they go to the doctors to find out or is there somewhere else meant to go?
Also if it is the doctors and werent a confident person what would they say to the doctor?

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2 Answers

You tell them the medical provider the truth. If there is a County Mental Health in your area, call to see if you can an intake appointment. They'll evaluate you. If you have a primary care physician, you can also go see them instead.But above all, you tell them the truth. Tell them how you feel, no matter how silly it seems to you.
Yes, go to the doctor. A doctor can refer you to a therapist or psychiatrist and can help with the biological aspects of depression as well as prescribing medicine if necessary. They can recommend dietary changes, exercise routines, and other lifestyle changes that may help with depression. A referral from a physician may also lower costs for therapist or psychiatrist visits depending on any insurance you may have. If your doctor jumps straight to trying to prescribe you medications and ONLY wants to do that, I suggest finding a different doctor if possible.