Depression after watching movie !!


This has happened to me again. Last time it had happened with me in summers. I watched a really nice romantic movie with an emotional ending and it left me with the story spinning around in my head. I’m like I feel the story inside me and I can feel the pain myself. Like my heart cant withstand the emotions anymore. The movie has pinched me so hard that I cannot concentrate on my studies. It makes me thinking that I want my life to be exactly like this and why the reality is so different.

I know I’m overreacting but this is how I feel. Last time it had happened when I watched the movie ‘ Let the right one in’. I could not get over the depression for weeks. I do watch movies. But the thing is not all of the romantic or drama movies give me this feeling. Its only with some of the movies that I feel like this. Further its not only with movies either. Sometimes it happens after reading a novel or a poetry.

Do any of you have this problem too ? I’m starting to think I have a disorder. If it continues , my life’s gonna be mess.

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I feel like you are relating to something in these movies. This is only my thought. Also, maybe the reason behind you not feeling like this with all movies is because you are experiencing different emotions before starting each movie. You may also just be thinking about something totally different, or maybe you just don't enjoy the movie like you do with the rest.It's nice to be emotional. I know you may think it sucks to be emotional, but it sucks not being able to cry with a movie of some sort.I've met emotional people through out the internet, and they cry every-so-often. It's nice to have someone like this, as they understand so much more. Don't feel bad if you feel emotional towards small things. It just means things matter to you.I also feel this way, but not for extended periods of time. Yet again, I don't watch movies so often. I usually listen to poetry and get attached to it. I'm currently attached to, "To This Day" by Shane Koyczan. I've memorized it, and I honestly get emotional when listening to it, or reading it. But I only get emotional at certain times. Sometimes I get emotional with it, but others I don't.I think it just matters on what situation you're in. If you were thinking about something upsetting and or depressing before, that can effect the outcome of your feeling after the movie greatly.I don't think this is a disorder. I also don't think your life with be a mess just because of this. Hang in there, bud. ^-^
You just have a really strong sense of empathy and the ability to connect well with certain characters. I cried at the end of "the magician king" for similar reasons, though that doesn't happen much. Know what causes it, know when you start those movies that it will happen, and make sure you have a coping mechanism ready to go at the end of the movie.
The same thing happens to me too. I love reading, but every once in a while I read a book or see a movie that I can't stop thinking about for a while. It's like I'd rather live in the world that the book created instead of my own life.

I think one thing that could help is thinking about why you're attached to the movie. What about it do you wish you could have? The perfect romantic situation? The sense of drama? Then, use what you learn to try to fill in what's missing in your own life. For example, if the romantic ending is stuck in your mind, that could mean you wish you had somebody of your own.
Thank you so much for the replies. Do you think its also because my life is lonely and lacks what I see in movies ?
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