So basically I am a teenager and I have loads to study but I am going down demotivated , procrastination , wattpad and then comes the regret period
and after I think I ll study it follows the same pattern
So please I am seriously close to flunking my tests from top students to the bottom most
plus I stay with some family relative for some reasons (info not req :)
So well ummm help ??? I guess
(and just random ques is it weird I like to learn bouncing my ball ? and can’t learn without it ? -_____-

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I have similar problems with motivation, but one of the things I do to help keep myself motivated is just to remind myself "You're never going to FEEL like doing it." That can go for anything, you're never going to feel like getting up early, or cleaning your kitchen, etc. Your brain is most "comfortable" when it can just go on auto pilot and stop worrying or thinking or planning. But if you spent your whole life on autopilot you would never accomplish anything.
The important thing to remember is that this is a very important time in your life, getting good grades in highschool gets you into the best colleges, getting into the best colleges gives you the most opportunities to find good employment, it's not fair but it's true. The harder you work now, the bigger the reward will be later.
Good luck!
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I am the same way sometimes, but when you think about it.... getting back a good grade makes you feel good about yourself right? Keep that feeling in mind when you go to study. The feelings you are feeling happen to almost everyone, so you are not alone. I personally have to listen to music in order to do my homework, but once I get it and that light goes off in my brain.. I feel good. just try to stay focused. you'll get there. promise. the way you are talking saying you regret it at the end, that makes me believe you won't let yourself sink.
Hi! I have a very good link for you, it's a QA site with lots of advice on self-organization, like dealing with procrastination, time-management, and more.

I know this problem of losing motivation. But, believe me, it is not so difficult to deal with it! First of all, you should realize some things :

1) school is not as important as it seems. Most of the subjects may be boring, and you may even wonder : "Why on Earth do I have to do it? I won't need it in my future!" This is true. I am a student now, and recall my school years as ... well, useless.

2) But! What if you look at it from another point of view? Do you have a dream job? Do you want to go to university? Do you have any ambitions? Unfortunately, to achieve our goals we have to sacrifice something. If in your country good grades matter when you enroll at uni, then you have to be as determined as you can.

3) Determined, I said. But you don't need to make yourself do all the things you have to! I mean, be as flexible as you can. Try devoting less effort to the subjects you won't need in your life, and doing more carefully the tasks you will benefit from. E.g. what is the point in coloring geography maps for a teacher who doesn't even check them? Do it as quickly as you can, maybe ask your siblings to do it for you (if you have younger siblings, of course). The important thing is to see the difference between what you really need and what you don't, and to balance the grades so that they won't affect your future negatively.

4) The main point of having good grades is gaining self-confidence and the feeling of getting over difficulties! So, why not try to feel like a hero? To gain the feeling of pride? I mean, every day you can become a better person than you were yesterday! And this is cool, believe me.

OK, now it's time for tips!

1) draw/print a poster that describes your educational goals. You may make it as a diagram or a mind map, and cross the steps you have already completed. Put the poster on the wall and go on

2) Praise yourself for achieving small goals

3) Join an extra classes / interest group / some club, and try to make all the school projects that have more or less free topics to be devoted to that one interest! I.e. if you have to make a presentation on scientific topic for your society science class, and you like biology, try maybe presenting something about genetics, or medicine, or ecology? Or, if you like reading specific books, write compositions on literature classes and choose the material from those books! This will make the process of studying much more fun.

And last - everybody has their own way of studying. Bouncing a ball is OK I think. However, from my personal experience, when I really-really-really love the topic of my work, I can get completely absorbed in it, and don't want any distractions. Cause yes, concentration is important, I work much worse with music on. Maybe you could try getting rid of the ball bouncing for a while, just as an experiment.