Dealing with the Ex.


My Ex girlfriend broke up with me months ago. Her reasoning, was she had lost feelings for me and began looking at me as a friend. I’m crazy in love for this girl. How can i win her back? Or is it time to move on? If so, how? I’m super depressed.

Category: asked May 25, 2014

5 Answers

a quote i recently read is "things spoil when you force them to last forever" and i think you must keep this in mind, that if after months you still want to save whatever's left it can possibly make it worse. i understand you still love her and everything but the more you hold onto all the memories it's not going to help you move on and i think that's what you need. trying to save the relationship would be like watering a dying flower and i think if you really love her you would want her to be happy, yes? she says she sees you as a friend and if you were to continue in a relationship that could lead to her being miserable, no matter how happy she makes you, she cannot force herself to feel what she doesn't feel. i know exactly how unrequited love feels but the best thing to do is to attempt to move on because dwelling on the past and all the good times will just create a metaphoric pool of sadness that you will eventually drown in... message me if you need to vent :)
Having gone though similar experiences I can tell you there's some other reason for her wanting to break up. For whatever reason her feelings have changed or maybe something else changed in her life. Honestly I wouldn't try to get her back for a few reasons, 1. She probably won't tell you the actual reason 2. You have to love her enough to let her go if she's not happy being with you. Would you really wan't to be with someone who doesn't have the same feelings as you? I know it is rough and it's all you can think about but I guarantee every day will get easier and the sun will still rise without her dating you although I know it doesn't feel like that right now. Try to do other things with friends or family to keep your mind off her is the best advice I can offer. Good luck man.
Do the sensible thing and walk away. 'Winning someone back' doesn't happen nearly as often in real life as it does in the movies. Your best bet is to move on and not be bitter, but be thankful for that person as you shared what you did during your time together. I'm sure a lot of learning and self-development ensued and you should be keen to carry those experiences through into your next relationships.Having said that, love makes people stupid. Most people tend to ignore good advice because deep down the unwillingness to let go means they're just searching for the answer they'd rather hear.All the best.
I don't think this is what you want to hear, I'm really sorry but I think it's time you let her go. Winning people back doesn't happen as often as it does in movies and books, remember all the good times you had with her and find a hobby to focus on whenever you feel down. :)
Walk away from her, if she stopped looking at you as a lover then it's over, because no matter how many times you get back together the love from her side is over, so in my opinion you have two options : 1) you either get out with your friends drink a beer and talk about how you can get over her. 2) Do something creative with your ''depression'' time, like whenever you are home and you think about her, go online and find something to occupy your time with, like drawing or listen to music, or read a book, and SNAP time will go by and the next thing you know is that you will want something better for yourself. Tough Love.