dealing with obsessive thoughts/ anxiety?


How do you all deal with the obsessive thoughts that come around when your stressed/ anxious/ bored? I would love to hear some advice on this because I have always had paranoid thoughts that come in my head when I’m stressed and its so annoying. I appreciate the advice! :)

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3 Answers

As said above, laying out your stressors on paper definitely helps get them in line. It's almost meditative to define and organize these issues. If that's not your style, I've found that exercise works for me. It's my time to focus on myself and block the rest of the world out. I can't control my stressors (to an extent) but at least I can control my body and better myself. If you try to exercise when you're upset, please be careful. Don't push your body too hard or far, listen to what your body's telling you.
Well when I get those types of thoughts, it really helps me to write everything down in a journal, or anything really, so long as I'm putting it on paper and expressing myself. It doesn't even have to be about the problem itself; it can be about anything you want to write that will get your mind off of it. I like to write stories to distract me when I'm down sometimes. c: But anything works, like art, music, movies, etc. I also try to talk to people if I can, because it can be helpful for me to be around others and laugh if I'm having those thoughts that won't go away. I hope you find something that helps you!
As said I try to write down my feelings and how I've felt. Keeping yourself busy write a list of what you could or should do during the day to keep your mind busy