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So my whole life I’ve been pretty shy and closed off from most people. I have only been completly honest and myself around two people that aren’t even people and now I’m going to lose both of them. Let me explain,

My cat is my best friend, I’ve had her since I was 6 and I grew up with her. I sleep with her at my side every night and she has been with me through everything. Now she has a heart condition which chases sudden death with no symptoms. The vet said she could be fine one minute dead the next. They say her time is short. And I might not get to say goodbye if I’m not with her on her last minute

Then the other wonderful furry friend I have is a draft horse. I Dont own him but I took lessons at a riding stable and he was always the horse I would choose. Now the owner has decided to sell him. He helped me through all my years of schooling (that I’ve had so far) and I love him to death. No I can’t buy him, Dont have the money or space. I Dont know when he will be sold, but there has been tons of offers for him so I’m sure it will be soon. I hope I get to see him one last time before he is sold.

I’ve never lost someone so close to me and I Dont know how to deal with it, any tips on getting closure and dealing with loss?

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Hello, the first step to dealing with any loss, is to accept that you have lost something or are going to lose something. Happy to know that you have already overcome step 1. Once you have accepted that you have lost something you can either do the following: 1. Remember your loved ones with happy memories, instead of grieving about their loss. 2. Adopt an animal/ do something that could keep you busy for a while and help you recover from that loss, since you'd have less time to think about the loss. 3. Work on yourself, your life and those around you. Make new friends, hang out with them. Treat yourself!