There’s a new boy at my school. He’s really cute, really funny, really nice, totally my type. He’s very tall and has a deep voice. I’m very short. So… despite his physical characteristics, he’s actually younger than me. I’m 17 and he’s 15.
My friends and I have this joke that I “slide” boys away really quickly. I rarely date and I’m really picky about boys, which makes me turn boys down all the time.

Okay, I really like this new boy and I don’t think I’m going to turn him down. He’s really cool. But the age thing is a problem. I don’t want to end up breaking his heart if it becomes truly serious. I’m a junior and he’s a freshman, and if we date for over a year, I’d end up leaving him for college.

What should I do? Should I go for it?

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I believe that you should go for it, the important things are that you like him and he likes you (if so) life should be lived and not thought about how you will live it. It's all up to you, however if the age thing really bothers you, which it shouldn't, it'll be fine. But the thing that I hope you won't have to cross is that he uses you or he slides by fast and Im sorry to mention that, and good luck!
Go for it. You will regret not giving it a chance. And if it's heartbreak you're worried about, don't be. He's going to get his heart broken by somebody. Wouldn't you rather it be you? It might hurt less.
This is a tough situation, I agree. Being a high school senior and in a relationship where the age is separated (though my boyfriend is older than me), I understand how tricky it can be in the dating scene. However, I think that if you guys really like each other, it could work. You might get some people who disagree, but as long as you two are being responsible and mature about all of it, then there's not a problem. My advice would be either before you two start dating or early in the relationship, talk about the age thing if it really bothers you. Talk about how you'll be in college before him and other things that are on your mind. This can be a good test for him too. If he replies with mature and understanding answers, then you're good. But if he replies like most boys his age (immature and stuff. I don't know him or you, but my brother is a freshman, so I know how they can be), then you'll know that the relationship might not work. A junior and a freshman are in very different stages despite being only two years apart. But everyone is different, so if you both are willing to put in the effort to make it work, then I don't see a problem. Feel free to message me with any questions you might have.
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