cutting urges


I used to cut, like a couple of years ago, but no one ever knew. The situation I was in got a lot better, and therefore I didn’t have as much stress and I gradually stopped cutting. Recently I’ve been under so much stress that there’s voices in the back of my head saying that I need to. I don’t know what to do, as I can’t tell anyone because I can’t trust anyone. I’m so close to giving in, and I have no idea what to do.

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I know how difficult it is to have to deal with this urge, but there are other ways to cope with things. Here's a website that has good alternatives:
Urges can be such a hard thing to deal with. However, there can be so many helpful things to do for prevention of self harm. It seems like such an easy thing to do but is actually extremly hard. simple things like taking a bath, writing, reading, talking to someone i mean there are so many options its endless. Even something as simple as talking to someone on blah or listening to music. I love meditation because its able to calm me down and have a different perspective on the situation im going through. In my rehab a lot of people would take sharpies and draw on themselves. I would reccomend you to see or tell someone about the voices in your head so things will be easier for you.Here are some websites for alternatives. last thing i want to say is that i understand how difficult it can be when you feel like you cannt trust anyone. I think it would really let go of the stress your dealing with if you could talk to someone. I know that everyone on blah therapy would be non judgemental and would support you through your struggles. A family member, therapist, close friend, or even someone on here. I hope this helps and you can recover:)
If the urges are from lame as it sounds...try meditation... you search it on youtube. It obviously doesn't work for everyone. I doesn't work for me. But it does for my husband. Or maybe a punching bag. That helps me. And music. Maybe?
I no how ur feeling it sucks a lot and im only 14. When u handle this on ur own its worse trust me but if u only let 1 person no about it, it can take the weight of ur shoulders even if its some1 on here. Just get advice, tell them how u feel, breath again and be a bit free'er than what u were, u never no u could find someone with the same problems as u and u might be able to help each other thro all of this. In my chase self harming does help me sometimes but i no its bad for me coz i look at my body and see all these scares on my arms, legs, stomach and hips. I try to stop a few times and it didn't work so i was talking to someone on her and they suggested red lip stick or a rubber band, they work well together coz u use the rubber band for the pain and the red lipstick for it to be visible If u ever wont to talk to me my names proud.eye Or [email protected]