Cuts appearing on body without knowing how they got there


Does this happen to anyone else? I’ve never self-harmed and am typically very aware of pain, but I always somehow end up with small cuts appearing randomly on my body with no idea as to how they got there, having never felt any pain from these cuts.

For example, I know what it’s like to get a paper cut–it stings a bit–but somehow two tiny little cuts appeared on my hand last week out of nowhere and I don’t know how they got there. I got a paper-thin cut a little smaller than my pinky finger on my chest that was already scabbed over and didn’t even notice until just now.

I cut my nails often as short as possible and I’m not generally a clumsy person (I don’t think), so I’m not sure how they keep appearing. I never get bruises, only really thin and small cuts, or very rarely tiny scrapes. I don’t often wear jewelry. Because I have poor circulation, I tend to wear hoodies, jackets, and long-sleeved clothes. Any suggestions?

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3 Answers

I doubt it's scratches, only because I have had experience with someone that scratched in their sleep. The marks left from scratches are not paper cut like. This will sound ridiculous but have you considered it's cuts from hair? Especially if you sleep with wet hair or sleep in long sleeves. Seems far fetched but it's possible.
In addition to what other people have said, maybe check your clothes for parts that might have scratched you? But if it's only one cut or so a week in different places, and they don't really hurt, I wouldn't worry about it. The same thing happens to me, and I just attribute it to not noticing when something hits me.
I hope that it's not your case what I'm going to tell you, but my mother has the same problem. She often wakes up in the morning with various cuts around her body, even in her back, but.. it's not because she accidentally scratch herself or something, there are two reasons for her to have cuts: the first, is because her skin is dehydrated, so whenever she hits somewhere, without knowing it, she cuts herself. The second reason, it's becaus she is ill (she has a rare disease), but if you don't have anything, then it may be the first reason. I don't think that with scratches at night you come to cut yourself, unless you have such long nails (try to cut them a little).