Crush or like?


so theres this guy that i like at my church, and he’s very cute and seems like a nice guy. we’ve never really talked and we barely knew each other. we talked once but it was simple and short. when his friend who knew me introduced me to him, and that was how i figured out his name. and then i stopped having a crush on him for a while, and then a few weeks later, something really memorable happened. so after the church ended, i wanted to grab a drink then when he was right behind me too trying to get a drink, but i didnt realize it at first, then because i thought nobody was there, i kinda walked back then i stepped on his feet, then i said “hey sorry” softly then he smiled at me, i swear that his smile could light up your whole day. that’s when i started to have a crush on him again. i’m not in love with him, but i definitely have a crush on him. and he’s older than me, which makes it harder for me to even just talk to him. and then about 2 weeks ago, i encouraged myself to talk to him. i wanted to talk to him when he was alone and i’ve been making up all the things that i want to say to him before the church ended. and when the church ended, he was talking to his friend and i waited there, i almost changed my mind then when his friend walked away, i just walked right up to him then i started talking. When I was talking to him, I was happy and I was a little nervous of course, but I didn’t feel so nervous that I got butterflies. And I think that’s kinda cliche. But sometimes i still play those times in my head and i still smile, but I just dont feel like i’m in love. When he’s around, sometimes I cant help but stare at his face, and all I wanna do is just to be around him as much as I can but i just dont feel that if i’m not around him, i’d be lost. So what do you think I’m so confused between its just a crush or i like him?

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Liking someone is when you admire someone, and like their personality and their non-physical attributes.Liking is more inclined to friendship,and if you like him, you might want to be his friend and hang out with him and all. On the other hand crushes are when you have a different feeling for the person, something romantic(lol).If you have a crush on him, you will be attracted to him and all. And things will seem so weird, you will think about him and you will be very nervous infront of him etcetera. Judging by your description, I think what you have is more like a crush or infatuation(puppy love haha) ..... :D