could I even possibly be pregnant?


I know I’m probably just stressing over nothing again, but could I possibly be pregnant?

I’ve had lower cramps lately,and my period hasn’t come yet. Its supposed to come within the next week.

I haven’t had sex in over a month, and the last time I did, we used a condom , and a “mishap” , the Plan B pill, less than 24 hours afterwards

My physical routine has changed a bit, cuz I’ve been riding my bike to work on and off throughout the last month. I’ve had bronchitis, and I’ve been through some bad stress

My body has been pretty normal lately, nothing out of the ordinary.

I haven’t taken a pregnancy test yet, because its.too close to my period to tell

I know I’m probably just being silly here

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3 Answers

Because you took Plan B and because your physical routine has changed along with being ill and stressed can definitely mess with your hormones and cause your period to be late/off. The chance that you're pregnant sounds very slim, however if your period doesn't come within two weeks of when it's supposed to I would take a test. Hope this helps and all is well!
why dont ya take a pregnancy test? its easier to believe in facts than someones words.
Yes. You could be pregnant. I'm not going to lie to you. It wouldn't be the first time multiple forms of contraception have failed. But, quit freaking out until two weeks from now - the stress about worrying about your period - is making it harder on your body to start the menses process. It's a Schrodinger's Cat situation. Either you are or you are not pregnant and you won't know until you take a test or menstruate. Nothing you can do about it until you know for sure. Cross those bridges when you get to them.