Costant problems with crush: what should I do?


Hi everyone! First of all, thanks for reading my question if you do.

Now, let’s say that I feel stupid, the most incompetent and pathetic person, if I asked a friend I’m sure she would laugh, but I know that here I can express myself.

So, I wanted advices to.. talk freely with boys. I know it seems really strange, and I’m not actually someone who doesn’t talk to boys (when I was little I always felt better with them than with the girls) but I just can’t talk with someone who I have a crush with. And it’s weird because I had two boyfriends (with both it ended pretty quickly) but still, every time there’s an interesting guy who I want to talk to, I can’t take the courage to talk to him. I want to change this side of me.

It’s been already two weeks since I’m seeing this guy coming to my same class, I have plenty of reasons to talk to him (we’re both first years, we’re both in the same course, we CAN start talking about something) but my body seems to avoid this contact. I just look at him from the back, and it drives me crazy because I don’t know anymore how many times I did something like this: staying quite right beside my crush without saying nothing (and if you’re asking me how was it with my ex, well, I met them online, so it was completely different).

I feel even more dumb because I’m already 20, and yet I can’t even try to know someone without panicking, or hiding eye contacts, and so on, I feel like a little kid..

Category: asked September 29, 2014

2 Answers

Awe hun.... I know where you are at. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Personally, i just imagine they are any other friend of mine. Just another one of my pals ( much hotter, much more interesting pal, STILL a pal) take a deep breath and let yourself remember that this guy isn't gonna fall for ya if you are miss perfect. Be yourself. That is so over used, but it's true, my crush has seen me in sweats and baggy shirts. He has also seen me at my house in a tank-top with a built in bra and a crop top, i didn't even bother with my bra! Just chill, take a deep breath, and remember, it doesn't make you dumb, it makes you a living breathing person of the world. Everyone gets nerverous and has their ways (I ramble, one of my friends blush, the other talks about the first fandom in her head) its life, just take a deep breath, and be yourself, and just a bit flirty..
this is normal. having the new relationship jitters is often how things go. try acting as if you don't have a crush on him and he is just a friend.....just know that once you and your crush start talking more that these nervousness with ease and you will be comfortable with him. Don't think that you are dumb.....this means that you have feelings like every human does.....Just think he might feel the same way also. :)