What do you guys do when you forget yourself, literally just forget who you are? I mean very often in this world do I lose myself, forget who I am… What im like, what I enjoy and dont. I just forget and then I cant remember, until something or someone drags me back, its normally a movie or something that triggers compassion or love and in that moment i know exactly who I am and what im capable of. But then it fades away again and I forget … Is there any way to get back in touch with myself? Remind myself who I am and my goals. Currently, ive just been avoiding everyone and keeping to myself, lost in thought all the time. Im keeping up the act I guess you could say so no one else notices anything, but I can’t live like this. I just dont know what to do. Thanks in advance to anyone who try’s to help :) you guys are the best.

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3 Answers

I would suggest you to listen to music a lot, reading, watching movies/cartoons/anime and then listen to yourself. Maybe you'll find a role model or someone you want to be like in a book or a movie. Try to remember what you liked before you lost yourself or even in childhood, try to dig it. Like, for example, if you liked books about magic, you can go and read some you loved and find new ones, find the community on the internet where everyone loves that kind of books. It can make you remember the feeling.
Sometimes the best way to figure yourself out is just to observe how your feeling. There is always a time in life when we as humans need to sit down and think to ourselves what do i really want. Personally i find that a nice relaxing 15-20 minute meditation benefits me greatly in figuring things out. However there may be a deeper meaning to what your feeling. If your find that this happens a lot, then its possible your suffering from a condition known as chronic depression. However this is not something I personally can diagnose over the internet and it might be good to talk with somebody you trust or your doctor if you feel this may be the case.
This sort of disassociation is very familiar to me, a few people I've cared about have had this sort of problem a lot. The people above definitely gave some good advice depending on how severly disconnected you feel it can be hard to force yourself to find things to remember or care about. Try to surround yourself with the things you love. Find something or a few somethings that you can keep with you that will remind you who you are. Some headphones to listen to your favorite songs, Maybe a watch or some other sentimental accessory that reminds you of a loved one if you have anything like that? A book, a drawing, a video game. It can really to just take a second reach into your bag and get a little comfort.