Confusing dream and reality


I’m having a hard time separating dreams from reality. I have a lot of confusion, I constantly am doing reality checks. I’m scared I might have a mental illness. I don’t have much money for therapy..

Category: Tags: asked June 25, 2013

2 Answers

Relax, this could just be inter-dream de ja vu, usually caused by your brain storing infomation, then when it comes to the dream, your hippocampus spills out the infomation and can seem really real. When you feel in a dream state you should try to sense pain, during sleep the amygdala does not resond as much so a pinch could let you know which world you are in. How long are you sleeping? it could also be a kind of narcoleptic state because you are not sleeping enough - or too much. Dreams usually occur during REM sleep. You can look up how to make a dream a lucid dream when you know you are dreaming and you can control it. Please respond, so I can gather more infomation (: But for the time being just relax - it should not last too long. (if it does get worse then I would recommend seeing a clinical psychologist - in the UK it is free on the NHS, other countries I am not sure).
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